Temporal Engineering™
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Polymorphism™ - Temporal Engineering™

Gordon Morrison
Gordon Morrison

Next week we are placing an example application of Temporal Engineering™ on our website for educational purchase. The example application is a five-function calculator written in Embarcadero’s Delphi/Object Pascal. Temporal Engineering is based on the patented (6,345,387) architecture, Coherent Object System Architecture (COSA). All source code is provided and is generated by our application Dtangle™.

The TCOSARules class structural definition is the ‘brains’ of Temporal Engineering. This class is used as data and executable code that is dynamically bound to the Vector Engine™.

This duality of purpose allows for a truly polymorphic application. Polymorphism is one of the extreme powers of Temporal Engineering. One of our demonstrations for this technology is to morph (click a button) the calculator into the game of Tic-Tac-Toe using the number pad as the game matrix ... that learns the game. In another example under development is the ability to morph under the guidance of statistical analysis. If you guessed MI/AI you are spot on. Extreme Polymorphism is truly a powerful technology when paired with Temporal Engineering and Delphi/Object Pascal.