Software Products and Development Services

Your business grows on the shoulders of your subject matter experts. Our business is to help you replicate their expertise with innovative digital solutions.

VS Merlot is a research and development company. Our primary work has been VS Merlot's COSA-based development which will reduce solution complexity and development time while increasing performance up to 80%. This means critical applications will run faster and adapt to software solutions changing needs on the fly. COSA Studio® will also provide a platform for the development of advanced artificial intelligence solutions not possible with current technologies.


VS Merlot provides products and services to empower your subject matter experts to create solutions using their language to solve high-level challenges.

Software Development Tools

Our software development tools are built with COSA Studio® that will support run-time changes without stopping, reloading, or restarting your application or its subcomponents.

Our research with COSA Studio® has a lab-demonstrated 80% reduction in decision points resulting in faster and cleaner code for critical projects.

Data Analysis and Management Tools

VS Merlot's Data tools will be available as work patterns for easy project integration. Our advanced AI and ML gives you the power of data discovery at your fingertips.

VSM Software Development Services

VSM has worked as a high-end software development team under funding from the Department of Defense.

​Our research and development team members and associates have training and development experience with real-time data systems, enterprise-level data-migration, proprietary data-base migration, hardware driver performance analysis, enterprise software complexity analysis, market trading analysis and corporate intelligence analysis.

What We Do

VS Merlot is a software research and development company. Our products are currently in development and will be released in 2023.
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