About VS Merlot

VS Merlot (VSM) is headquartered in Ruston Louisiana on the campus of Louisiana Tech University. VS Merlot is developing AI-Driven solutions and services for software developers and companies.

VS Merlot Founder

VSM Founder: Gordon Morrison

Your computer and smartphone use technology made possible by VS Merlots founder, Gordon Morrison.

Serious Technology

Gordons patents have been licensed by multiple companies including Intel, Apple, IBM and others.

COSA Technology

Gordons patents have been licensed by multiple companies including Intel, Apple, IBM and others.

  • One of Gordons patented technologies is COSA (Coherent Object Systems Architecture – Patent #6345387). This patent has been cited by industry leaders including: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle, IBM, and others.
  • COSA is an event-driven architecture that allows control of information flow in software.
  • VS Merlot is developing an integrated development environment (IDE) that automates the implementation of COSA for software development: COSA Studio®

VS Merlot Chief Scientist - Ann-Marie Scarborough

Ann-Marie Scarborough is the Chief Scientist of VS Merlot. Ms. Scarborough worked in Business/Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M and completed her Bachelor of Science at Sam Houston State. Ms. Scarborough is a member of IEEE.

During her tenure with VS Merlot Ms.Scarborough has been instrumental in the commercialization efforts of all of VS Merlot products. This includes:

Innovator – Inventor: Dynamic Trace™
                      Co-Inventor: Introspective Trace™ and AI Introspective Trace™

Presenter – She has given presentations to the Air Force, Navy, as well as small, mid-size and fortune 500 companies regarding VS Merlot’s technology.

Process Architect – In her role as process architect Ms. Scarborough has designed, implemented, and delivered: statistical analysis, graphical analysis, a PDF data extraction application, and a multi-threaded document processing application.

Developer – Ms. Scarborough is proficient in multiple computer languages as well as software architectural design.

VS Merlot Chief Operating Officer - Tom Bowman

Tom works as the Chief Operating Officer for VS Merlot. He has 25+ years experience as a practitioner in sales and marketing, business process consulting, new business development, technology development, data management and training.

Companies Tom has worked with include Apple, Microsoft, Adobe Software, Dover (Energy) as well as small businesses in fields including: technology, energy, land management, software and others.

Tom has a BS in Communication from Louisiana Tech, a Masters degree in MFT from NLU, and worked with the MRI team out of Palo Alto.

What We Do

VS Merlot specializes in software products and supporting educational/training materials for the learning and application of Temporal Engineering™ to software development.
Want more information on our products in development? Contact us for more information.