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VSM Vector Intelligence™

VSM Vector Intelligence is next-gen AI that the experts at VS Merlot are ready to integrate with your next project.

Vector Intelligence Technology (VIT) is continuous, dynamic, evolutionary code that responds to events as the result of logical definitions created by the Subject Matter Expert (SME). The given definitions change various vectors to point to appropriately determined rules. VIT can change code on-the-fly by extending, evolving, or replacing a rule, based on the statistical analysis and performance information that was gathered.

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VSM Vector Intelligence™ for your company

VSM Vector Intelligence™

VSM Vector Intelligence™ was first demonstrated to the US Navy in 2020.

"VSMerlot described and demonstrated a prototype architecture and data model that met the Phase I objective, including the ability to evolve and extend while still executing using artificial intelligence extensions.  This capability is innovative, as it is not in use in current software development industry (at least to the evaluators knowledge). "

VSM Vector Intelligence™ allows software to rewrite its own code while executing. No stopping or restarting required. This means our AI learns on-the-fly in response to data. Our R&D team has completed a project using VSM Vector Intelligence that reduced iterations to 68 compared to a neural network that took 10,000 to perform the same task.

Our team is actively looking for pilot project partners for the application of this exiting new technology.

  • Benchmarked complexity reduction by a factor of 5x
  • SME-led product development environment
  • Micro and macro modularity
  • Rule-Based Logic with a demonstrated 80% decision point reduction
  • Dynamic Software Updating
  • Event-Based AI that modifies its own code on-the-fly.
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