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VSM 5-Function Calculator

(Delphi/Object Pascal)

The VSM 5-function calculator (Delphi/Object Pascal) with fully-documented code is our basic training example of Temporal Engineering.

Using a BNF (Backus-Naur Form) and COSA (Coherent Object System Architecture) this calculator provides an inside look at the core components of Temporal Engineering.

The form of the Calculator is a Windows™ application (.exe) with buttons that can be clicked with a mouse to create an event that results in action or behavior. The code for the calculator is available in Delphi (Object Pascal) or C++.

The VSM 5-function calculator (Calc-Pas) is an open-source instructional five-function calculator written in Embarcadero’s Delphi/Object Pascal. Calc-Pas was developed using Temporal Engineering™ methods and Coherent Object System Architecture (COSA), a patented architecture. All source code is provided. Code is generated by Dtangle™.

Imagine developing software and being able to know, in a Temporal sense, what your application is doing at every decision. This is made possible with Temporal Engineering and COSA. The five-function calculator written in Embarcadero’s Delphi/Object Pascal is a good starting point for an experienced developer who wants to learn a new method for developing software. This new method, Temporal Engineering, improves the quality of software by reducing complexity, improving run-time speed and overall performance.

VSM 5-Function Calculator (Delphi/Object Pascal)

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