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COSA Studio®

COSA Studio® is built with a Temporal Engineering™ foundation for developers to apply this advanced logic to their current projects.

COSA Studio® Is an AI-driven, complexity reduction IDE. It reduces the complexity of both code and project management. By leveraging our Boolean Decision Matrix, COSA Studio® allows users to move away from the inherent complexities of an ITE (If Then Else) development model and create a process-focused software that has a benchmarked complexity reduction of 80%. Our reduction of decision points means that applications developed by our internal team using COSA Studio® have been benchmarked at over 100x in speed and performance.

COSA Studio is scheduled for release in 2023.

COSA Studio®

COSA Studio®

COSA Studio® is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides a platform to easily implement the COSA architecture for software development.

​The COSA architecture (#6,345,387) has been cited by industry leaders including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, Oracle and others.​

The features designed to improve the quality of software found in COSA Studio® include:

  • Benchmarked complexity reduction by a factor of 5x
  • SME-led product development environment
  • Micro and macro modularity
  • Rule-Based Logic with a demonstrated 80% decision point reduction
  • Dynamic Software Updating
  • Event-Based AI that modifies its own code on-the-fly.
  • Our R&D team has completed a project with COSA Studio® that reduced iterations to 68 compared to a neural network that took 10,000 to perform the same task.
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