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About VS Merlot

V.S. Merlot was created in 1995 to provide database migration consulting services. Developing these services resulted in the development and invention of temporal engineering based on Coherent Object System Architecture (COSA). A COSA patent was applied for in 1998 and issued in 2003. The technology contained in the patent is the basis for implementing Vector State Machines (VSM). This technology is available without license by contacting, or buying the book "Breaking the Time Barrier".

Data Migration Consulting

The vector state machine technology has been used to implement several applications. The staff of VS Merlot has extensive experience using vector state machine technology with processor simulators, compiler technology, process modeling, data modeling, and data migration.

Software Engineering Mentoring

  • Software engineering is based on problem domain specification mapping into a BNF design specification that represents any view.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the BNF design specification approach to Model Driven Development.
    • Learn why BNF fundamentals are the key to quality software development.
  • Model Driven Development based on temporal engineering creates a WYSIWYG development from the beginning of the project to the implementation supporting full life cycle growth.
  • The BNF design is the every view for the problem domain; WYSIWYG.
  • No wasted effort creating documentation that doesn't aid the actual implementation.